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'X-Men: Evolution' RPG

So many mutants, so little time...

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Welcome to 'X-Men: Evolution RPG' (until a more creative name is thought up, lol). Before you start RPing, you must apply for a character. But before you apply for a character, please read the rules and regulations of the group - please don't apply without making sure you understand all of the rules.
(It may look like there are a TON of rules, but they really are about basic stuff, I promise, so please take the time to read them. Thank you!)

1) No RPing experience is necessary. It would be nice, but I'm not going to nitpick - all I ask is that you have a fairly good knowledge of 'X-Men: Evolution' and whichever character(s) you want to RP. I don't expect their actions or their speech to be perfect, but I should at least be able to read your posts and be able to tell who it is that you're pretending to be. Everyone has a different style of RPing though, so please just be patient with each other. As long as you get the point across, I'll be happy. And please - I can't emphasize this enough - I'll be patient with a new RPer, but please at least know how to type gramatically. This means, type the way you would read words in a book - n0 tyPiNg LiKe ThIs, nO #s or sYmB0Ls sUbstItuTeD 4 w0rDz, AnD PleASe KnoW hOW tO sPeLL!
Good examples:
Kitty sighed as she shut her locker and walked down the school hallway. *Man,* she thought, *I like, can't believe I have all this homework I have to do.*
::shuts her locker and sighs as she walks down the school hallway:: *Man... I like, can't believe I have all this homework I have to do.*
KiTTy syed aS she ShuTT hEr lOker aNd wAkeD dOwN thE sKooL haLlwAy. *MaN*sHeThoUGht*ILiKe cAnTbELeEve I hAv aLl thIs HomEweRk2doo.*

::shudders:: I don't know about you, but I can't even bear looking at it, let alone read it - so please, I never want to see it! Lol.

2) The rating of this RPG is temporarily PG-13. It may change, according to what other RPers want to do, but I just want to start things off this way. I mean, let's face it: 'Evo' is kind of aimed for older *kids* anyway, even if teenagers and adults alike adore it, lol. So no really gory violence, no excess swearing, and no mature themes please! (Unless everyone agrees to change this)

3) You must be able to be online enough to participate. This doesn't mean that there will be hundreds of posts to get through a day - however, if you're hardly ever online or can't make posts that often, please keep this in mind before you join. I don't really want there to be weeks between posts, obviously.
3a) I'm not going to kick you out of the group if something happens to prevent you from posting - like your comp breaking down, or a sudden family emergency, etc. Just try to let me know what's going on at some point so that I won't wonder where you went. If you're going on vacation or something, the same applies - just let me know. I'll try to hold your character for you for as long as I can, but I may have people pick up that char for a temporary amount of time - it depends on the storyline going on at the time. If you suddenly stop posting without any warning at all, I'll give you... let's say, a week and a half or so before I'll start getting a little antsy. So remember - let me know what's going on as soon as you can (or at least let someone else in the group know, so that they can tell me).

4) Characters must have individual livejournals which must be updated often (at least... once every 10 days or so would be nice). Some entries may be private, but most should be public so that the other chars may interact with that char. If you're going to be away from your comp & can't post as often - please see rule #3 . I'll give you three 'strikes'... the first two offenses will be warnings, the third will result in you being kicked out of the RP (but don't worry... it takes me a lot to hand out a 'strike').
4a) OOC comments on character's livejournals should be put behind an lj-cut and should be relative to the post or the player's status in the game (like, if you were going to be away from your comp, or had any ideas/suggestions for your character). However, consider the OOC LJ Community (xmen_evo_ooc) before doing this.
4b) Feel free to apply for non-mutant characters also (ie Taryn, Duncan, random guy #3, lol). If no one takes these chars, then they are free to be picked up by other players as needed. Just be sure *not* to have a char in two different places at the same time (ie, Duncan driving Jean home, while at the same time hasseling Scott).

5) I would rather this RPG not be slash (ie, male/male or female/female pairings). If you really want a pairing like this, then talk to me first and I MAY approve... BUT,, no promises will be made.

6) Just for now, no OCs. Sometimes when there are tons of OCs running around, it can really confuse things and make things complicated. Maybe I'll allow them someday, but just not yet. I want to get as many 'Evo' characters filled as possible before I start to let them in.

7) If you want to RP a major plotline, please ask me first. If I don't approve of it, please don't get mad at me - I just want to keep things simple and do what I think will be best for the RP.

8) Okay, now here's a rule that I'd rather not bend on: this is an 'EVO' RP. So please, I really don't want to do anything that wouldn't normally happen on 'X-Men: Evolution'. This includes:
a) Time travel (depending on the situation/storyline)
b) Family members of the future (sorry guys, but I don't want that whole 'Summers family' headache lol)
c) The 'Dark Phoenix' saga (sorry once again - but for now, I don't want to deal with Jean being evil, 'dying', coming back, etc lol. They may have hinted at it in the last episode of season 4, but I'd rather not touch upon this - it kinda gives me a headache thinking about it, LOL.)
d) Age of Apocalypse
e) Clones
f) Cross-Overs (ie, non 'X-Men Universe' characters)
g) Please, no sentinels! And preferably... no Trask or Nick Fury - this may or may not be temporary, but I want to be RPing for awhile before considering this.
Basically, anything 'controversial' that happened in the comics - eh... please don't do it. Exceptions can *always* be made if you e-mail me or talk to me about it, but like I've said before, I would really rather not do this stuff here, so please understand this. I could change my mind (it's not impossible), but this is something that I feel really strongly about, so you better present a darn good case, lol.

9) Okay, now for a slightly controversial topic - X-Men comic characters. These include any char not in 'Evo' as of the end of season 4 - Emma Frost, Psylocke, Sinister, Bishop, Illyana, Polaris, etc. This kind of fits in with rules #6 and 8. I would rather not bring in chars like this at this time. I want to fill a good portion of the 'Evo' characters before I consider AU, OC, or other chars. Like I've said, I may change my mind in the future... who knows?

10) Pairings - another slightly controversial topic. I'll ask people to please keep the pairings constant with 'X-Men: Evolution'. This means don't have Scott ask Kitty out, or Pietro eyeing Rogue, or Kitty pulling Logan into a closet (Yes... I *have* seen it in fandom, LOL). If you want to *hint* at pairings that are present in 'Evo' it's okay (ie, Rogue's slight crush on Scott in the beginning), but please don't fully persue them.
NOTE: If you really really want to try out a pairing that was present in 'Evo' fandom (Kitty/Kurt, Kurt/Tabitha, Roberto/Rahne, Bobby/Jubilee, etc etc etc), ask me about it and I might approve of it. Just be sure that you've talked about it to the opposite char also, in case they don't want to do that particular pairing. No slash pairings though, please (see rule # 5).

11) Accents - characters like Rogue, Kurt, and Remy are obviously supposed to have accents when they speak. As for typing them down... that's a different story. So, here's where I stand on this:
a) Personal Journal - If Rogue was going to write something down, she obviously wouldn't type using her accent, she'd type regularly. So it would be downright silly of me to expect to see an accent in that char's personal journal. In fact, I'd feel better if you didn't do this, since people just wouldn't do this in real life anyway.
Unrealistic: "Ah can't believe the day Ah had. Lahfe is so unfair sometahmes."
Better: "I can't believe the day I had. Life is so unfair sometimes."
b) RPing - As for RPing, it would make more sense for them to have the accent, because they're 'actually' speaking to other characters. However, if you really can't type the accent well or don't want to go through all the effort of typing up how they sound when they talk, it's fine with me. So if you want to type with the accent while RPing, cool, and if not, that's cool too.

So just try to keep things like this in mind, and you'll be okay. Above all else, just relax and remember to have fun with this - that's what it's for!

I would really like to try to do this RP on just one LJ to make things a little easier, but if there's a lot of confusion about it, then I'll create one or two more LJs to spread things out a little (ie, the Institute as one LJ, Brotherhood as another, etc). There will, however, be an OOC LJ (xmen_evo_ooc) where you can discuss the characters, give suggestions, ask questions about the RP, or just chitchat with the other members.

The RP will pretty much always be done in the LJ Community, but if people would like, we could always try to do a couple of live chat RPs. These would probably be done on AIM, since most people have that messenger service anyway.

How to Apply For A Character:
I'm really easy-going on this part, so no need to stress over it. I'm not looking for specifics, just basic information. To apply for a character, please notify me with the following info:
1) Your Name:
2) Age: (Just out of curiousity)
3) E-Mail Address:
4) Character You'd Like:
5) Secondary Charater (in case your first choice is taken):
6) Character Power(s): (ie healing factor, or 'none' if char is a human)
7) Brief History(ies) of the char(s):
8) Two Example Entries Per Character - One Personal Journal entry and One RP-style entry: (Don't worry about this - once again, I'm really easy-going about it, I just want to get a sense of how you RP and type. And these entries don't have to be really long either, just a couple of sentences each.)

Taken Characters:
(I'll update this section as soon as a new person applies)

Jean Grey - evo_jean_grey
Rogue - absorbing_you
Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat - kittyxpryde
Evan Daniels/Spyke - spikez_n_all
Kurt Wagner - fuzzyxelf

New Mutants:
Ray Crisp/Berserker - _berzerker_
Bobby Drake/Iceman - _iceice_baby_
Tabitha Smith/Boom Boom - badaxbing

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - velocity_x
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - scarlett_hex
Todd Tolansky/Toad - toadyxtolensky

John Allerdyce/Pyro - the__burninator

- Charles Xavier/Professor X
- Scott Summer/Cyclops
- Logan/Wolverine
- Ororo Munroe/Storm
- Henry ('Hank') McCoy/Beast
- Any 'New Mutant' (except for Berserker, Iceman, & Boom Boom)
- Any Acolyte (except for Pyro)
- Any member of the Brotherhood (except for Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, and Toad)

Phew! Well, I think that about does it for now. If there are any changes made, I'll let people know ASAP in the OOC LJ (xmen_evo_ooc) - so please be sure to check that community often, just in case.

If you have any questions, you can ask the moderator of the group, evo_jean_grey!